Property Management

At Gideon Property Services you receive the operations of a large property management company with the care and attention of a boutique one. Our portfolio consists of the $500 properties as well as the $2,500+ properties.


We believe great landlords should have a great management company…PERIOD.


Our management solutions are centered around…

  1. Investors – Leasing properties 2+ years
  2. First Time Landlords – New to leasing properties
  3. Absentee Landlords – Not residing in the local area
  4. Fully Loaded Landlords – Juggling family, work, and life commitments.


We offer three (3) primary Property Management Solutions to fit your needs wherever you are.

diamondFull ‘Lease’ Management: Custom management solution that never leaves you questioning. We begin with a price analysis to elicit the greatest response from your target market and continue all the way throughout the lease term and move-out procedures. We have you covered!

 Sapphire    Resident Location Only: Custom management solution designed to establish a premium marketing strategy to attract, evaluate, and retain the best qualified residents for your next lease term. When we hand off keys, we hand the reigns back to you for lease management.

  emerald.jpg      For Rent By Owner (FRBO) Advertising: Custom managment solution geared toward for rent by owner landlords seeking to be EXPOSED. We have identified critical advertising opportunities to increase your first impression and decrease your overall days on the market.

Hang out with us a bit and discover which solution works best for you. If you are only seeking price comparisons, simply complete the Landlord Application and the email you receive immediately after will reflect our 3-step pricing. When you are ready to chat in more detail, CONTACT US. We are happy to hear any questions or comments you may have. 






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