PM – Lease Management




diamondLease Management is the juggling of the (1) communication (2) documentation (3) rent collection (4) property protection (5) site visit coordination and (6) legal navigation of your income property.

Full Management = Resident Location + Lease Management solutions. This Diamond package option is customized to your property needs. We partner with our Full Management landlords to be a trusted guide beginning at listing to leasing, all the way through move-out, and back again for re-listing.

We also offer a Lease Takeover option for landlords who currently have a resident in their property and they are seeking to utilize our Lease Management solutions.



**RESIDENT LOCATION SOLUTIONS <– Click for Details (*CMA Rental Price Analysis through Move-In Orientation)

Electronic Portal:

Your electronic portal is there to keep both you and your resident organized. See real-time maintenance updates and keep control of your conversations, documents, monthly statements, 1099s and more.

Rent Collection:

Rent is collected on the 1st of the month and considered late on the 3rd. Your resident is sent automatic reminders and provided several methods for payment. We work diligently, so despite life’s surprises, you see the funds in your account on the 8th of each month.


We manage all your resident notices anywhere from routine maintenance, to lease or HOA violations, non-payment of rent, and more.

24/7  Maintenance Response:

Maintenance is one of the top reasons why your resident will choose to renew or not renew. We make it easy by committing to 24/7 maintenance response, whether that is troubleshooting over the phone or taking action on an emergency request. We’re here.

Property Condition Reports:

Property Condition Reports are completed prior to your resident moving into the property and scheduled quarterly throughout their lease term. These reports are used to maintain the overall condition of the property and keep the resident accountable for their care.

Renewal Assessments:

Renewing with your resident is a big deal. We evaluate more than just a timely rent payment. You’ll receive a resident review, property condition report, updated rental CMA, annual sales market activity update in your area, and updated insurance rates.

Mutual Terminations / Evictions:

You will receive step-by-step guidance in the event a resident has to terminate the lease early or if they are forced to terminate due to a lease violation or non-payment of rent. These are never fun, but they don’t have to be scary with the proper support.

Move-Out Inspection:

The move-out inspection is crucial for proper documentation when considering the security deposit. It is also a time when landlords consider any routine maintenance necessary for remaining competitive in the market.

Security Deposit Processing:

We complete a direct comparison of the move-in property condition report and the move-out inspection. We provide you with legally guided recommendations on what to withhold from your resident’s deposit. Given your final decision, we process it for you and keep the legal timelines.