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property showcase imagePROPERTY SHOWCASE

Every property receives the proper introduction to the market with our Property Showcases. This is your property’s 5-minutes of fame and we make it count.

We choose an appropriate date and reserve a 2 – 2.5-hour block to have a representative stationed at the property for open showings and questions. This opening date is advertised on Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpads. We also include:

Showing feedback    ♦   24-hour prospect follow-up    ♦   Application assistance




No additional cost to the landlord! To get started, send this Rental Application link to your interested applicant. They will submit their application online and pay the application fees electronically. We complete a full credit and background check, employment verification, and rental verification. You receive a summary and applicant scorecard when processing is complete.

app processing

1. Household Income
a. 12 months of consecutive employment history
b. Minimum income of 3x monthly rental rate
c. Positive employment reference from a manager or a supervisor
2. Rental History
a. 2 years of positive rental history
b. No outstanding debt to the current/previous landlord
c. Positive rental reference from the previous landlord
3. Credit and Background Check
a. No past due debt (excluding medical and student loans)
b. No slow payments, evictions, bankruptcy, etc. within 5 years
c. No felony convictions in the past 7 years.
d. No charges related to drugs, sexual assault, murder or arson




We recommend completing a move-in property condition walk-through approximately 1 – 3 days prior to your resident’s move-in day. This allows you to properly document the condition of the property prior to the resident move-in.

We provide photo documentation and a completed report. It is crucial to have accurate information for the security deposit processing at the end of the lease agreement.




Already have a tenant? We provide services to ensure a smooth transition.

  1. Photo-Documented Property Condition Report*
  2. Tenant Ledger Review
  3. Outstanding Maintenance Report
  4. Transfer Orientation (New Landlord Expectations, Payment Methods, How to Report Maintenance, New Contact Info)

When purchasing properties currently occupied, there is often very little or no documentation of the move-in condition. It is important to begin developing consistent documentation.