Vendor Partners

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We have developed years of relationships with our local vendors. We partner with dedicated vendors who have proven to be the best extension of our business by providing quality customer service. Our vendors are evaluated by our customers after each interaction. We continue to look for new opportunities to grow together with accountability.

Gideon Property Services is also a member of the Global Network: BNI. As dedicated professionals, we meet on a weekly basis to follow-up regarding customer interactions, scheduling, etc. Many have referred to BNI as Angie’s List on Steroids. We have listed a few of our partners below, but if you need assistance with anything our contacts are just a phone call away.

Cors Paint  To Your Perfection, LLC   firstchoicelogo

gainesville-lawn-care-revised-logo_1      Dayton Heating and Air

Atlantic Roofing Exteriors          Brooker Pest Control

 later.gator.moving      realtor+matching